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Analysis Research Paper

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Analysis of Research Report Paper

Analysis of Research Report Paper

Spousal homicide is a very serious issue facing society today. Rising as one of the most predominate reasons for murder, spousal homicide is an issue with more statistics available than most homicide related deaths.
In the study, “Spousal Homicide Risk and Endangerment”, multiple statistical procedures are used to identify such things as rate between genders, rate in area, etc. For one, the study mentions a collection of data on perpetrators of spousal homicide in Sweden over a nine year period between 1990 and 1999, compared to pure homicide in Sweden in the same time frame. By using this statistical gather ...view middle of the document...

The conclusion states that husbands are many times more likely to murder their wives than the other way around. The study states that men in this state would not just murder, but follow and chase down the wife to kill. “If I can’t have her, no one can” being the typical response. The husband abuse on women and their willingness to accept it and not seek help must be addressed by the public, and allow women to feel safe in such a move. But, it also states that women themselves, though outnumbered, in terms of times committed these crimes, rarely kill their husbands as a reaction to being abused in their relationship. This creates an interesting dynamic between the statistics for this case, so concluding that only females should be careful when it comes to this situation, maybe it is the male also. While the wife is much more likely to be killed, the husband will often not even know that the wife would be able and willing to commit the act, with no warning.
These findings are statistically significant because they encompass an important issue and over different periods ranging for years to decades. And because of all the different types of statistics used, from...

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