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Analysis On Michael Pollan's Essay

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Analysis of Michael Pollan’s Essay “The Food Movement, Rising”
Michael Pollan wrote an article entitled “The Food Movement, Rising”.  This article talks about how food impacts many facets in the nation including politics, society and family. In this article he shares how food is not just about food and is a much larger issue than meets the eye. He talks about how the issues of food have impacted the country and therefore the world (Pollan). Then, he breaks the issues down on macro and micro levels, focusing on the impact of food on politics, society, and family. Finally, he points out the real cost of food, directly and indirectly. I agree with Michael Pollan about the ongoing issues with ...view middle of the document...

He gives many examples of this. He stresses the fact how important it is for citizens and politicians to realize that cheap food is not always good. It is doing severe damage to society and to the workers involved in this and thus it becomes the responsibility of the authorities, the government, the companies and the citizens. He believes that necessary action is required in this case and we should find a solution to solve this ongoing food movement.

There is a constant supply-and-demand. When the people of the country need a particular food, the companies will do all as they can to meet the need because there is money to be made. What if the country just suddenly stopped the sale and order of meat? I feel that it is a critical point to put in the context of the workers of meatpacking industry for analysis. One would agree that food is guided by the laws of supply-and-demand. When the whole country stop supplying meat, the demand of meat is going up.

A similar decree was ordered by the federal government in regards to alcohol. This caused a rise in bootlegging and speakeasies as well as crime rose substantially across the nation. Why? Because the heavy demand was there. When demand is there, companies will always make sure they produce enough supply to fulfill that demand and to gain profit.
Remember, at the same time, three to five million are employed by the agriculture companies to work on the fields, and over 89% of them are from the minority groups. They suffer the same working conditions as those who work in the meatpacking industry: lack of job security, long hours, low wages, and very little or no health benefits. Almost 75% of the minority workers are from Mexico with the rest making up from countries such as Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, etc.. About 50% of three to five million are in fact illegal workers. (“Farmworkers”).

When the pay is substantially lower than average, the majority of the agriculture workers are unable to meet the inflation rate as they are unable to afford the cost of living. The amount of work available to them has gone down annually. Why do you think this happens? Because the Americans want to save money on anything.

One is thrilled and ecstatic when he has saved 30% on a food item. The Americans often get upset when the price of one gallon of a gasoline is four dollars instead of 75 cents. So, think about it: what is more important to the Americans overall: getting what they want or being concerned about the lives of the people who make the goods to happen? Will they pay more money if that leads to better working conditions? Can they handle that type of a cut in their financial situation? The answer is more likely no.

 What point that Michael Pollan is missing in his paper is that it was a problem one hundred years ago and it is still a problem today. Nothing has changed. The government doesn’t care about this stuff. It only...

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