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Analysis Of Newspaper Reseaerch

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Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Results

When analyzing a newspaper research article, the reader must be very careful what conclusions are drawn from the study. Bennett, Briggs, and Triola (2009) urge caution about drawing conclusions of causality when evaluating any research, given that studies are typically designed to look for causes. The article by Montgomery (2012) looks at nonsmoking women who have been diagnosed with lung cancer and the available research to examine potential trends and causes. This article uses statistical procedures and draws some causal conclusions, but statistical significance is either lacking or not stated.
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There are several causal reasons stated as to why nonsmoking women have a higher incidence of lung cancer than men. One of the reasons stated but not validated, is the role of estrogen in the spread of lung cancer. Nonsmoking women with lung cancer and/or their families were also interviewed in the article as to their thoughts on the causality of the lung cancer diagnosis. One family stated that radon from the basement where their mother worked frequently may have been the cause. The one conclusion that the article does state that is absolutely appropriate is that all the causes seem to be “All speculation. No answers” (Montgomery, 2012).
Consequently, the findings of article are not statistically significant, but they have practical significance. Bennett, Briggs and Triola (2009) describe statistical significance as when the likelihood of an observed difference occurring by chance is less than .05; utilizing quantity and quality of data to draw a conclusion. Data is available in this article, but no statistical testing was done to obtain a p value. There was not even statistical testing in the article used as a reference. For example, the study by Wakelee, et al. (2007) used a literature review to publish new data in order to look at the incidence of lung cancer in women who are nonsmokers. In addition, the newspaper article also omitted a key piece of information from the Wakelee, et al. (2007) review. The finding that women have a better survival rate than men after the diagnosis of lung cancer is a key piece of information left out of Montgomery’s (2012) article. Practical significance on the other hand, takes into account the viewpoint of the observer and if the...

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