Analysis Of Issues Of Harbor Inn Hotel

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Analysis of issues of Harbor Inn Hotel

Human resources in the hotel industry play a vital role for the success of the business. There are several issues in the hotel Harbor Inn in Sydney, which are directly responsible for job dissatisfaction and excessive staff turnover occurred in last few years
A- Issues related with motivation

1. Lack of motivation
Susan and David experienced that the management has never motivated them to maximize their efforts in achieving the goals of organization.

2. Lack of adequate training:
Susan’s training was very slow and inadequate, upsetting the prospects of Susan’s career. Training is usually uncommon in hotel industry due ...view middle of the document...

They never personally appreciated employees for their performance and achievements. There is absolute disconnect between the managers and the employees which frustrates many employees.

2- Apathetic attitudes
The mangers at the hotel are not concerned about the well-being of the workers. The management has failed in its responsibility to address personal issues of workers like health, security and housing.
3- Voices of employees unheard
The management does not welcome active participation of employees in decision-making.

4- Issue of self-esteem
There were incidences when mangers have mistreated the workers. The managers have no respect for their young employees.

C- Age- bias
Managers and supervisors are in their late 40s or 50s and have bias attitudes towards younger generation. Age Discrimination Act covers situation where one feels that because of age, he is refused for job, or training or promotion: or given unfavorable terms or is harassed (Australian Human Rights Commission).
Importance of motivation in Hotel industry
Management of human resource is always a central concern for hotel industry. Motivation has been very influential in enhancing the quality of employees’ efforts. According to Simons (2003, p. 340) motivation is “an invisible internal force that determines the intensity, direction and duration of voluntary action”.
Needs and motivation
Managers continuously face two challenges – to motivate employees to work to achieve goals set by organization and to motivate employees to work towards accomplish their own goals. Motivation is “the act or process of providing a motive that causes a person to take some action” (Shanks, p. 24). Motivation is required to fulfill some needs that lead to behavior that result in fulfilling the need and some types of rewards.
Needs-based theories of motivation
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need hypothesizes that the needs progress from lowest subsistence level to the highest level of self awareness and actualization. The five levels of Maslow Hierarchy are- Physiological needs (food, water), Safety needs (shelter, health care), Belonging Needs (desire for social contacts, friendship), Esteem needs (Status, recognition and positive regards) and Self –actualization (Desire for achievement, personal development and autonomy) (Shanks, pp. 23-27).
Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory is a modification of Maslow’s theory.
Hygiene – These are lower level motivators that include administration, supervision, interpersonal relationship, working environment, salary, status and security.
Motivators - Motivators are the higher-level factors, which include achievement, recognition, autonomy, responsibility and advancement. Most of employees desire to go beyond the hygiene to achieve the motivators (Shanks pp.23-27).
Herzberg’s factors mapped on Maslow’s theory
* The motivators of Herzberg’s theory represent needs of higher order –esteem and self-actualization. The...

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