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Analysis Grid

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Planning and Design Analysis Grid

Your Learning Team has been assigned two articles to analyze for assignments in Weeks Three and Four. One article is a qualitative research study, and the other is a quantitative research study. Identify which article is which, and then complete the table where applicable. Write no more than three sentences in each cell of the table.

| Qualitative | Quantitative |
Articles | Living with unexplained chest pain | Predictors of vascular complications post diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization and Percutaneous Coronary interventions |
Research question | How patients experience unexplained chest pain and how it affects their everyday life? | How to ...view middle of the document...

176).  In this study, the independent variable is the patient’s breathing status whether they have dyspnea or breathlessness as well as the patient’s mental status such as anxiety and depression. | In this study the independent variables are the patient’s age, sex, health status, comorbidities, type of procedure, use of venous sheaths and closure devices. |
Dependent variable | Dependent variable is “the outcome or response that the researcher wants to predict or explain” (Burns & Grove, 2011, p.176). In this study, the dependent variable is the chest pain and the patient’s pain experience and its effect on their everyday life. | In this study the dependent variable are the vascular complications that occur post diagnostic cardiac catheterization and percutaneous coronary interventions. |
Population | The population for this study was 19 people (11 men and 8 women) admitted to the emergency department with chest pain. | The population for this study included 11,119 patients who underwent cardiac catheterization and/or percutaneous intervention with femoral artery access, in the years 2001-2003. |
Setting | Emergency department at a university hospital in western Sweden over a 3 month period. | Since this was a retrospective study, data from the records of patients were retrieved from the Clinical Automated Office Solutions database. |
Sampling method | A quantitative method was used for this study via interview.  The questions were the open ended, and then tape recorded. The descriptions were carefully transcribed put into categories in order to become measureable data.  The purpose was to get a better understanding of the patients’ experience of the unexplained chest pain. | Convenience sample |
Practice application | Patients are not receiving optimum health care regarding their condition, so it is best to know how to treat disease with the nurses with specialized training. | The study is done on two different types of patients. One was on a female in her 30’s with and the other one was a male in his 30’s. Both had underlying chronic diseases. |
Theoretical framework | As theoretical framework is a theory that has a collection of multiple ideas that inter-related, we are therefore looking for what things to measure, and what statistical ideas or facts to look for. In this article, we are looking different aspects of the chest pain among the sample group. Age, duration, at rest, on exertion, and most importantly the way that study was conducted. In this case, interviews, whether telephonic or personal. N=19, 11 males, and 8 females. | In this study the framework is was a convenience sample of n= 11,119 between the years of 2001-2003. Age more than 21, had a femoral artery percutaneous...

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