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Will there be a difference in behavior due to the difference in size? This experiment investigated the different of behaviors shown by two crayfish of the same gender, but of different sizes. The objective of this experiment were to apply the scientific method to the agnostic behavior of the crayfish, carefully handle the crayfish and let them acclimate to the environment, and discussed the differences in territorial behavior examined by the animals based on size. The null hypothesis was there will ...view middle of the document...

Red swamp crayfish was found in the year of 1974 Red swamp crayfish are native to south central United States. (Chapman,S, 1998)The Red Swamp Crayfish will eat all types of things, including fish eggs and hatchlings, which can pose a problem. In addition to this, these crayfish tend to dig into the banks deeper than the native European crayfish and this causes erosion. (Chapman,S, 1998). They are an average size but seem too aggressive. Crayfish may engage in agonistic behaviors when they are, in the presence of another crayfish. (Chapman,S, 1998). Crayfish have 5 pairs of walking legs, the first of which are large pinchers used for feeding. On the red swamp crayfish, there pinchers tend to be narrow and long. They have long antennae’s that senses organism on them, and use their appendages used for feeding. (Bovbjerg,V Richard, 1956)

Chapman, S. (1998). Developmental physiology of the Red Swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii. (Chapman,S, 1998)

Bovbjerg, R. (1956). Some Factors Affecting Aggressive Behavior in Crayfish. Physiological Zoology, 29, 127-136.

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