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Analysis 1 Email And Web Services

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1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Windows Server 2008 Server Core and virtual servers?
Advantages of Virtual Servers | Disadvantages of Virtual Servers | Advantages of Windows Server 2008 Server Core | Disadvantages of Windows Server 2008 Server Core |
Provisioning (Hot-Swapping) | Provisioning (New Servers) | Greater Stability | Lack of GUI |
Resource Management | Division of Duties | Reduction in maintenance | Limited amount of roles and features |
Cloning | Performance tuning | Simplified maintenance | |
| Lincensing | Reduced memory and disk ...view middle of the document...

3. What are some advantages and disadvantages of the implementation of virtual servers in a live network?
Advantages of virtual servers in a live network | Disadvantages of virtual servers in a live network |
Isolation | Concentration risk |
Standardization | Cost |
Consolidation | Performance Penalty |
Ease of testing | Hardware Support |
Mobility | Software Licensing |
| |
| |

4. Respond to the following statement: "The drawback of virtual servers is the loss of a physical machine that can lead to the loss of numerous virtual servers and numerous services on the network."
I disagree. There are ways, especially virtually, to back up your servers and services on a network. The fact that you do not have a physical machine is actually a benefit of lower maintenance costs. The servers are easier to maintain and service in a virtual setting.

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