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An Investigation Into Recruitment And Selection For Wisite Fire Fighting Equipment

2882 words - 12 pages

Bachelor of Science

Management Research Project

Research title
An investigation into recruitment and selection for Wisite fire-fighting equipment (China)

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction…………………………………………………………………………3
1.1-Selected Research Paper…………………………………………………….3
1.2 -Structure of the report……………………………………………………….3
2.0 -Summary of purpose, rationale, and related literature……………………..3
2.1 -The purpose/rationale of the study………………………………………..3
2.2- Clarity of research question…………………………………………………4
2.3- Conceptual foundations……………………………………………………..4
3. 0- Research methodology and design……………………………………………6
3.1- Describe and evaluate the methodology adopted………………………6
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It will benefit to reviewer for future research with using different selection practice and avoid some selection errors in recruitment decisions for some organization.
1.2 -Structure of the report
As explained above, the reviewer will firstly summary the literature review about researcher’s purpose and conceptual foundations. Secondly, the reviewer explores the methods of data analysis while thirdly goes in-depth into examining the elements and finding of the research. And finally conclude the key point and suitability.
2.0 -Summary of purpose, rationale, and related literature
2.1 -The purpose/rationale of the study
Recruitment and selection are some of the most crucial human resource decisions a business can make. The researcher aims to increase the understanding of an amount of phases of selection errors in recruitment decisions from practical evidence. And the researcher also investigates some possible causes of selection errors, methods to rectify the selection error and the consequences of the errors. Most of the previous recruitment research has observed in unitary organizations or manufactories, doing general principle hard. The researcher’s study discusses with multiple manufactories and reviews the decisions, the identification of the error and repair of it from the leader’s point of view.
The reviewer found that there is a plethora of studies investigate the recruitment and selection practices but few practical studies on selection errors. This research provides fresh discussion in symptoms and consequences to selection errors. By conducting this research, more recognition about selection errors could be introduced to different organizations. This research is centralized on selection error, which makes the research paper more academicals to observe in the future research.
2.2- Clarity of research question
The research questions posted by this research paper can be divided two parts. One question is about what symptoms of selection errors the organization has in current recruitment and selection processes and what remedy can use to errors. And another question is about why the consequences of the selection error important to current recruitment process.
The reviewer finds the research question is well crafted as it aligns with the main purpose of the research to mention the three aspects to the consequences of selection errors. It also set out the symptoms and consequences of selection error based on empirical document and evidence. But is not very clear to discuss the symptoms of selection errors. The researcher should well justify the premonitory of selection error in this research like what kind of symptoms the organization has or how to diagnose it.
2.3- Conceptual foundations
This research paper documents the symptoms and attribution of, and the wide-ranging consequences to, these selection errors.
Initially, the researcher talked about the approaches to recruitment and selection. In recruitment, there are amounts...

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