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An Important Place In My Life

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EN120 English Composition I
Assignment 2_02 Description Paragraph
January 9, 2015
Topic: An important place in my life
As a German immigrant in the USA, I can clearly say, that my hometown of Ulm, Germany, is one of the most important places in my life. Situated on the river Danube, early settlements of the city were reported around 5000 BC. After being declared an imperial city in the 12th ...view middle of the document...

Up to the 16th century, Ulm became a city of traders and craftsmen with important trading routes spreading all the way to Italy. The discovery of the New World, the Thirty Years’ War in Europe and the invasion by the French and Bavarian negatively impacted the city up to the 19th century; Ulm’s fortifications were destroyed and the city lost its status of being an imperial city. With the help of industrialization in the second half of the 19th century, Ulm regained its strength and transformed into an important industrial center, expanding beyond its medieval walls. During World War II, a large area of Ulm’s medieval city center was destroyed; consequently, the bombings caused thousands of people to become homeless. After the war, in the 1950s and 60s, Ulm was rebuild, and important landmarks restored. The city is known for the world’s highest church steeple, the fishermen quarter with its cobblestone alleys, a remaining section of the medieval city wall and various buildings showing off architectural skills from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

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