An Epic Hero Has Four Distinctive Qualities. The First Characteristic Is That The Hero Requires A Life Altering Journey, One That Can Change The Way He Thinks About Someone Or Something, Or That Has A Substantial Impact

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Literature and the Individual in Early Modern Masterpieces

Monique Dean


August 21, 2012
Ann Francis

Literature and the Individual in Early Modern Masterpieces

Montaigne is known as one of the most prolific authors throughout history. His works are largely based upon his life, a life that began in the 1500’s. One of the more fascinating facts about Montaigne is that he had an absolutely horrible memory. This goes on throughout many of his books, he holds nothing back speaking about how he is just an ordinary person and not perfect. Even with his memory failures and other shortfalls, there have been many successful writers and readers all over who admired and ...view middle of the document...

Literary Qualities
Stories that are geared in a more personal nature tend to provide the author with the ability to show the adversity as it happened first hand. This gives the writer the ability to provide the reader with a step by step account of the events as they unfold. This style of writing provides Montaigne the ability to come across in a strong and thought provoking way. Keeping the reader glued to his or her seat wondering what happened next.
Montaigne’s work is clearly outlined in the essay form which gives the look and feel of coming across as an opinionated view or discussion of the writer’s topic of choice. Some would say that Montaigne is living out the things he went through again in order to tell his story to his reader. Reliving events like violence, death, and other tragedies could cause the author to go through suffering as if it was happening again.
Montaigne was not what people would call a woman’s author. He was definitely a man’s author. He often commented that his writing style was masculine virility. Some female readers may find his work to be offensive and not as soft as some other’s work. After reading passages like: “It is with a more virile spirit that we should pursue eloquence, who, if only her whole body be sound, will never think it her duty to polish her nails and tire her hair” (Waldron, 2003). Some might take this to mean that women are only good for fixing themselves up to look presentable for others to see. Montaigne has been known to tell others that his writings or work is only for his friends and family.

Current Society Lessons
Today’s society could learn some valuable lessons when taking a page from the works of Montaigne. The most important lesson would be to make sure as an author try not to offend a potential buyer of your work. I realize back in the 1500’s this was not on the minds of many authors because women were second class citizen with no rights to much of anything unless they were from a well to do family. Times have changed and in some cases there are women today who are just as high on the ladder as some men.
Authors also have to be careful of the material they are planning to share. Being too boring is not going to draw buyers in to make that purchase. There needs to be just that right balance of drama, happiness, and some angst to keep the reader coming back for more. Far too many times authors get stubborn and decide to do things their way, causing the...

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