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An Analysis Of Natural Law And Morality

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Alex Erebor

An Analysis of Natural Law and Morality
Human beings are undoubtedly the most sophisticated life forms on Earth. We are capable of many remarkable feats, but the one attribute that separates from other life on Earth is the ability to rationalize and reason. Because of this, humans have been able to form a society in which our activities are judged to be right or wrong. This phenomenon is known as morality and is only existent in human society. As expected, when dealing with such advanced life forms, it becomes quite difficult to determine what actions are just and which are immoral. Also often there are exceptions to each rule, which further clouds our ability to ...view middle of the document...

As dictated by human morality, death, or the conclusion of life, is something that is absolutely undesirable and completely incompatible with the human condition. Thus, to remain consistent with this conclusion, the taking of life is unacceptable. On the other hand, it is also part of the human condition to celebrate and honor life. In fact, it is the good of life which allows us to utilize and enjoy the other basic goods. As a result, it is easy for one to prioritize the basic good of life above all others.

Family is also considered a basic good for human beings. Society dictates that one should be close with his or her parents, siblings, and other relatives, and later marry and continue the tradition of close-knit family ties. However, it is clear that this is not the case for some people. Some may find happiness without starting a family. As a result, it is possible for the basic good of family to be viewed subjectively.

The third basic good is friendship. It essentially follows the same protocol as family, as it is perpetuated throughout human society that it is vital for human health to be social and have at least good, if not close, friends. Friends are intended to be a second family of sorts, people that we can be with and consult if for any reason the family is unavailable.

Another basic good is work and play. By the definition of work, this means doing what is necessary to produce goods and services for each other. Of course, the ultimate goal of work is to make money and use that income to provide for our respective. Because of this, work is unquestionably important for a healthy human condition. Just as important however, is the good of play. From an initial standpoint, one would often be inclined to say that play is nowhere near as important as old fashioned hard work. But on the contrary, rest and relaxation is needed in order to relieve the stress that work creates and cleanse the mind. Overall, a fair balance between the two is necessary.

One of the more unique basic goods is experience of beauty. This involves the observation and acknowledgement of all things beautiful in life. What makes the experience of beauty unique as a basic good is that beauty can come in multiple forms which include nature, art and music. Thus, it does the mind and spirit good to recognize sights of exquisiteness.

The good of theoretical knowledge refers to the acknowledgement of various kinds of knowledge. These kinds of knowledge can be common facts or the most sophisticated scientific theories. Theoretical knowledge allows for awareness, so we can make sound decisions and judgments void of ignorance. While on the topic of making sound judgments, the basic good of integrity can also go hand in hand with theoretical knowledge. By definition, integrity is a human being’s inner harmony, not allowing his or her emotions, desires, or any outside influence fall outside consistency.

Overall this list of basic goods does serve its purpose,...

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