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American Culture Essay

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1. What does ‘planning and control’ mean to air traffic controllers?
Planning – There are three elements to the planning task described in this case. The first concerns the drawing of the ‘invisible corridors’ in the sky through which the planes are channelled. Related to this is the planning of how these invisible corridors are changed to cope with different weather conditions. In effect, this is route planning, a task that is undertaken in any transportation operation. The second part of the planning activity involves setting out procedures for emergency situations, such as emergency landings. This will involve predetermined routines not only on what happens to the plane subject to the ...view middle of the document...

The final part of control therefore means adjusting the instructions given to the aircraft to take account of each other’s position or deviation from position.
2. What are the differing problems faced by TRACON, tower and ground controllers?
TRACON controllers – There will be two types of problems for this control activity. First, the aircraft must be kept apart while they are in a particular sector. This will involve closely monitoring the position, direction and speed of each aircraft and predicting their relative positions over time. In this the TRACON controllers are assisted by the computers, which help predict whether the aircraft are getting dangerously close, or will become dangerously close. The second issue for TRACON controllers will concern the handovers between different sectors. It is necessary for one controller to have charge of all aircraft in his or her air space because it is the position of the aircraft relative to each other that is important. However, the consequence of doing this is that there must be a handover between sectors. This is potentially a major failure point. Any failure to understand that responsibility has been passed on, or loss of monitoring, could be disastrous here. Tower controllers – The major problem for tower controllers is capacity. The major bottleneck incapacity for air journeys is the airport itself. It is the tower controllers who schedule and control the passage of planes into and out of the airport. This is why the tower controllers at Le Guardia have to ‘shoot the gap’. Although this is intrinsically risky, it increases the...

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