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American Car Essay

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American Cars are most popular for their “muscle cars”; being dubbed the name “muscle car” because it is all muscle and power. They love packing powerful V8 engines into their cars. It is all about speed and power and in turn entails high-rate consumption of petroleum. This can really say a lot about their culture: high-consumption without thinking of sustainability. The market of cars in the United States is considered a significant portion of their economy. During recent economic crises they even opted to bail out car companies who produce these ...view middle of the document...

Let’s not forget that not long ago, American-brand cars didn’t enjoy a good reputation, especially in terms of interior quality, overall fit and finish and engine performance and fuel economy. So what is happening now with the U.S. auto industry?
Consumer Reports editors believe American automakers have generally caught up with their Japanese and European competitors in recent years, the quality of American cars has vastly improved in recent years. Consumer reports have rated a number of American cars, especially Fords, as highly as the best cars from Japan. Buick managed a JD Powers rating that is top of the line, tying with Jaguar and beating out Toyota.
Detroit has also stepped up their game in the style department. The latest Camaro, Mustang and Challenger are examples of distinctly American muscle-car style
Since Cash for Clunkers ended, American cars are not as cheap as they were a couple of weeks ago, but they are still cheap. The Big 3 are currently offering large rebates and incentives. As the economy turns around the pricing advantage of American cars will probably narrow, but if you are currently in the market for a car this may be a good time to buy American.
While American cars lag behind foreign cars, especially Toyota's, in the green department, they are producing some interesting hybrids.

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