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American Essay

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Exam II: Study Guide

1. Be able to explain agency capture theory and why director Charles Ferguson argues that it
explains the causes of the financial crisis which struck the United States in 2008. Be able to
present the evidence Ferguson provides in his documentary “Inside Job” as discussed in class
and outlined on the board that agency capture theory was a primary cause of the crisis. Also be
able to explain the securitization food chain and the role of AIG in the crisis. (*** Long Essay

2. Be able to explain the relationship between rising inequality and the interest group system that
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4. Understand the difference between “judicial restraint” and “judicial activism” (pg. 471) as well as “originalism” (pg. 468) and “living constitution theory” (pg. 469).
1. A Judicial Restraint
* Argues the judiciary should usually defer to the judgment of legislatures
1. A Judicial Activism
* Court’s unique role vis-à-vis legislatures
* Conservatives do not always espouse Judicial Restraint and Liberals do not always espouse Judicial Activism
1.B Originalism vs.
1.B Living Constitution Theory

5. Know how a bill becomes a law. Be able to trace the key steps in the process in an essay question. (pg. 350-351)
(Step) 1. Drafting
(Step) 2. Introduction by member of Congress
(Step) 3. Assignment to Committee
1. Less than 10% of bills referred to committee will make it to the floor
(Step) 4. Subcommittee
1. Hearings & Testimony
2. Mark-up (in House; in Senate)
3. Reporting out favorable or unfavorable
(Step) 5. Rules Committee in House
1. Closed, open, or something in between
(Step) 6. Floor Debate
(Step) 7. Filibuster in Senate and vote of cloture
1. Riders in the Senate
(Step) 8. Conference Committee
(Step) 9. Presidential Action

6. Drawing on video Inside Obama’s Presidency and class discussion be able to discuss the
pivotal moments that defined President Obama’s first term in office and the main factors
which determined his ability to effectively lead the nation in a time of crisis and to get his
legislative priorities enacted into law. (*** Extra Credit Question)

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