Amedments To The Constitution Essay

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Amendments to the Constitution

Since the Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787 there have only been twenty seven amendments ratified. The process to ratifying an amendment is not an easy one, so the need to adopt these changes has to be great to pass through this process. Each of the amendments that have been passed have effected this society greatly, some of the most fundamental changes to the society have come through the ratification of the thirteenth through fifteenth amendments.
The process of passing an amendment to the Constitution is a lengthy and complex process. The first step is to have a proposal written for the future amendment. There are two ways this proposal ...view middle of the document...

Following the Civil War, there were three amendments that were ratified. The thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments were ratified within the first five years following the end of the war. The thirteenth amendment was written to abolish slavery in the United States, it set the foundation for Congress to pass any legislation that may be needed to enforce the abolishment of slavery. The fourteenth amendment was to grant all people born within the United States citizenship, and to prevent any state from denying the rights of citizenship to any person. Also, the fourteenth amendment kept states from withholding the rights of life, liberty, or property from any person without due process. The last of the Civil War amendments was the fifteenth amendment. The fifteenth amendment was put in place to grant the right to vote to all citizens. This amendment gave the right to vote for former slaves, and granted the Congress the power to pass any law to enforce the law.
During the time the original Constitution and Bill of Rights were adopted, slavery was socially accepted. Large plantations needed people to preform tasks, and the previous generations either used people who entered into servitude or slaves to do work. As time went on society began to view slavery in a different light. Even though there was still a strong amount of support, mainly by those who had slaves or came from states where slavery was still legal, a majority of the people and states agreed to abolish slavery and grant citizenship to all those who were slaves. This is an example of why the amendment process was put into place. Almost one hundred years after the adoption of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, people saw a fundamental change that needed to happen. While the Civil War may not have been just over slavery, it did put the county on...

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