Alternative Medicine Essay

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Alternative Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine

Nolan Roberts

September 23rd, 2011

CHLH 100
Discussion: Thursday 9am
Instructor: Charles Holmes

When it comes to the use of alternative medicine, approximately 40 percent of the U.S. population has used alternative medicine in the past year (Nahin, Dahlhamer, and Stussman 2010). These days more people are turning to new areas when it comes to their health care and medication. Patients are looking for something different, not only because of the rising costs of conventional medicine, but also because of the dangerous side effects of conventional medicines. They are also trying to be more environmentally sound. Furthermore, ...view middle of the document...

In "Health need and the use of alternative medicine among adults who do not use conventional medicine", Nahin, Dahlhamer, and Stussman, say that one reason people are being driven towards alternative medicine is the skyrocketing costs of conventional medicine (2010). While cost and other barriers to conventional care may be motivators of alternative medicine use, there also is an indication that some users of only alternative medicine do not find conventional medicine helpful (2010). Some users of only alternative medicine used alternative medicine because they felt conventional care was too expensive (2010).
There are many benefits to using alternative medicine in your life. I believe that many people may have heard of this term but are skeptical because they don’t understand it. Alternative medicine refers to anything that can improve the quality of a person’s life without using harsh medications and chemicals (Holmes, 2011). While many conventional medications cause sometimes severe side effects, alternative medication has very limited to no side effects. By incorporating a healthy diet...

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