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Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause Essay

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause

Law/531 Business law
Charles Cook
January 17, 2010

Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause
Employers value potential candidates with strong communication skills and the ability to negotiate through issues. The experience a student gains in college with dispute management provides the foundation necessary in the workplace. Many careers rely on team-based work to execute projects, therefore becoming familiar with the various alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options widens a student and employment candidate for more opportunities in the workforce. While a common form of an ...view middle of the document...

Because many courses are between five and six weeks long, having a lengthy dispute resolution process would not be possible. Therefore, this fact would eliminate many of the common techniques used in the process. Another factor to consider are the team sizes, which are generally three to six people. Smaller groups allow for clearer communication among members. The final consideration would be the geographical locations of every team member. While many instructors try to place students in groups within a similar time zone, this is not always possible. So, ensuring an appropriate time-frame for discussion is essential.
Taking into consideration the above mentioned issues the following clause shall be in effect until further notice:
If a dispute arises within an active Learning Team, the members agree first to try in good faith to settle the dispute by internal team negotiation, if the dispute cannot be settled through internal negotiation within the team, the members then agree to allow the Team Leader of an outside team within the course to mediate the dispute. The final decision of the neutral party shall be upheld and mutually accepted among the Team Members.

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