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It is such a shame that I just found out about the Watergate Scandal through watching this film. Nevertheless, the Investigative journalism/writing shown in the film did not fail to give such a strong knowledge about the various illegal government and criminal activities and idea about how one works in this industry.
The Washing Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Berstein illuminated the “behind the scenes” of what really happened during the Watergate break in that eventually lead to the major scandal in the 1970s, the ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, the role of the Woordward and Berstein opened the mind of people about how investigative journalism really works under the big letters and articles in the papers. They showed great patience, dedication, determination, and persistence to their story. They stick to the story from the start until the end, no matter how hard and long it took them to find facts and sources. Also, they exhibit a strong trait of critical-thinking that enabled them to link everything to the truth. Their passion to their work made them firm to all the trials they went through over the course of the investigation.
Leaning more about issues concerning dirty political system is not easy, but this movie truly helped in understanding and giving perceptions to these problems. And the complicated yet captivating process of Investigative journalism makes it more encouraging to pursue something like this investigation that would shake the world with its revelations and create a major contribution to the society.

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