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All Saints Day Essay

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Organ of Halloween and all saints day

Halloween dates back to over 2,000 years ago in what is now United Kingdom, Ireland and Northern France would hold a festival commemorating the end of the year. The festival was call the Samhain, which mint the end of the year signaled the end of summer and the harvest season which would spark the begging of a land and harsh winter to come next year, this harsh winter would cause a number of death to the people and there livestock. They would kill there livestock during the festival because they knew that they would not survive the winter anyway, in these event they thought the night before new years ...view middle of the document...

Others say that the Celtics would dress in costumes and make noise to scare the spirits away.

All saints day saints day is on November 1, it is the day the church remembers the martyrs who gave there life for what they believed in. Back before the date was official, they would tell stories of the heroic men and women of faith for the witnesses to Christ truth. The way the were killed almost never was quick and painless they would most of the time be tortured to death and left bloody.
Many of these holy people names and stories were known to the church and later was canonized in which they became saints, the church eventually made saints days as well and are observed in the Catholics church some of the biggest names have special Festivities.
Unfortunate for thousands and thousands of early Christian martyrs and most only to be believed that only God knows about and countless others who in the eyes of the most are truly are saints but were not canonized by the church.
To honor the memory of those who are unnamed saints and to recall there example they have set for the Christian world, they would hold a mass the would live and witness of those who have died and gone before the lord, this would be first know as the feast of All Martyrs in the 4th century to remember all those who have died for there faith but later pope Gregory III consecrated and new chapel in the basilica to all saints on November 1 which later became all saints day.

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