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All For Legalizing Marijuana Essay

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All for Legalizing Marijuana
The question at hand is should Marijuana be legalized, whether it be for medicinal or recreational purposes, should adults be able to choose whether or not, to use this organic substance that has so many benefits. Team D as a general consensus all agrees that it should be legal, and that not only would it benefit the individuals which consume it, but society as a whole. To come to this conclusion not only did we do the appropriate research by finding ...view middle of the document...

Legalizing marijuana would be one of the most progressive movements that the United States as a whole Nation should embark on.
People that consume marijuana may do it for many different reasons some people do it for medicinal reasons; depression, anxiety, pain and so on, and some people may do it simply for the joy of it; now like any other substance it can become addictive so it should not be taken lightly, thankfully not physically addictive it is only psychologically addictive which is just as hard to beat. We believe that whatever a consenting human adult decides to consume, in whatever manner he may decide, whether it be inhaling the smoke or eating the THC in infused edibles it is completely and utterly up to them. Now of course we do encourage moderation and for the individual to know themselves as far their own tolerance; we are dealing with a substance that has the ability to hinder a humans movements and thoughts, so environment when consuming should be the biggest thing to consider, just like when one is going to enjoy an alcoholic beverage.
In conclusion, we took the negative aspects of legalizing it, and we took all the positive ones as well and we all decided that legalizing marijuana would be one of the most beneficial things that can happen to mankind in recent years.

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