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Alcoholism And Genetics Essay

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Alcoholism and Genetics
Alcoholism has an affect everyone one way or another. It is a complex disease that not only affects the alcoholic but it also affects their families and loved ones. Alcoholism is considered an addition, which can be contributed to a range of genetic, social, and environmental influences. Historically, alcoholism was blamed on one’s character; it was seen as a flaw and/or weakness (Perry). “Alcoholism affected approximately 4.65 percent of the U.S. population in 2001–2002, producing severe economic, social, and medical ramifications” (Sloan, Sayarath and Moore).
As many know, genetics plays a strong role in the component of alcoholism. As more genes are ...view middle of the document...

With the emerging genetics insights on alcoholism, “it has paved the way to the discovery of new theories targeting those who have the specific genes” (Perry). Systems genetics offers new insights into studies of the “progression of multifaceted diseases such as alcoholism” (Sloan, Sayarath and Moore). Also, with the new insights on alcoholism, “individuals can be given specific medications to reduce the risk of alcohol addition”; to include the reduce risk of relapsing (Perry).
One of the most important steps in the system genetics approach is to detecting, characterizing, and interpreting gene such as “gene/environment interactions as risk factors for alcoholism” (Sloan, Sayarath and Moore). However, this approach does not “negate the need to look for variants that directly impact disease independent of interaction effects within the data” (Sloan, Sayarath and Moore). The search for genes that modify a person's susceptibility to alcohol abuse and dependence is the main focus on alcohol studies (Begleiter).
The overall goal of all of the studies of alcoholism is to find the root cause whether or not it is genetics. Today, “scientists have been able to identify the biological markers that strongly correlate with the familial transmission of alcoholism” (Begleiter). However, with all of the technology advance today, the research offer promising insight into the genetics of alcoholism (Leff). The discovery of a genetic linkage between alcoholism and a known genetic marker would be an important...

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