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Alcohol And Energy Drinks Essay

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Running Head: Pyschodynamic and Behaviourist Perspectives

A Comparison and Contrast of the Psychodynamic and Behaviourist Perspective in Psychology

Matthew Sealey – 1778013
Swinburne University of Technology

Due Date: Monday 31st March

Alcohol and Energy Drinks

The aim of this study was to examine whether alcohol consumption increased when an individual consumed an energy drink. 172 participants completed a two part survey comprising of questions regarding alcohol consumption and completion of the Risk Taking Questionnaire 18. The hypothesis that alcohol consumption in a single sitting would be higher in the high propensity group in comparison the ...view middle of the document...

As well as more foreign ingredients such as taurine, creatine and carnitine that are making informed parties wary of such beverages and the effect they can have on their consumers (O'Brien, McCoy, Rhodes, Wagoner & Wolfson, 2008).

Peacock, Bruno & Martin (2012a) wanted to determine the increase of alcohol consumption when ED’s are placed into the equation. Peacock et al. undertook a survey of four hundred and three participants from an Australian community comprising of two hundred and fourty-four females and one hundred and fifty-nine males who had consumed an AmED in the proceeding 6 months. Peacock et al. hypothesized that alcohol intake would increase when combined with ED’s. Peacock et al. concluded that although AmED sessions were less frequent than alcohol sessions, the amount of alcohol consumed in an AmED session was considerably higher than in a normal alcohol session. Peacock et al. continues on to state that the motives behind the AmED consumption cannot be placed solely on reducing effect of the alcohol consumption. Conversely, the reasons behind the alcohol consumption are more closely related to the social setting taste with only a small percentile using AmED’s to experience an “illicit drug high” p.208. Peacock, Bruno and Martin (2012a). It is this illicit drug high effect that the AmED presents that Reissig, Strain and Griffiths (2008) see as a gateway to more illicit substances and further drug dependence in some individuals.
Replicating and extending the Peacock, Bruno & Martin (2012a) study, O’Brien et al. hypothesized that the consumption of energy drinks essentially lessens the effects of alcohol has on the consumer while also examining the risk taking behavior that coincides with AmED ingestion. 4271 American college students across 10 separate campuses undertook a study of their drinking habits in relation to AmED consumption. The results of this study concluded that the combination of energy drinks and alcohol creates a high-risk drinking state for the consumer with “serious injury, sexual assault, drunk driving, and death are all associated with heavy episodic drinking” p.456. (O’Brien et. al).

Ferreira, de Mello, Pompeia and Souza-Formigoni (2006) concur with Peacock et al. and O’Brien et al., and through a study undertaken, continues on to state that the ingestion of ED’s, combined with alcohol, does alter the perception of the consumer’s alcohol intake, but also states that the energy drink did not reduce the effect the consummation of alcohol has on motor skills. In a small study of 26 males, participants received 3 weight-based servings of alcohol alone, energy drink alone, and AmED. Ferreira et al. states that participants did conclude that the energy drinks reduced the physiological effects of alcohol in comparison to the participants who had just consumed alcohol. The breath alcohol concentration level of the participants had not been altered by the addition of the energy drink. However the addition of...

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