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Alcohol Essay

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Dear Diary,
Today is the day after my 17th birthday. I just woke up and boy, do I have a hangover. I have a headache, I am so thirsty, and my body feels so worn down. I wish I didn’t drink so much last night (“By age of 18 more than 70% of teens have had at least one drink” (US department of Health, 2007)). Hold on…sorry for the interruption but I just vomited. I hope my parents don’t notice, or I will be in big trouble. What time is it??? My parents haven’t even come in my room to see how the rest of my evening was or to make sure that I’m not sleeping too late. Weird!!!! Oh well, maybe they’re just letting me sleep since they know I came in late. Wait a minute…they didn’t even ...view middle of the document...

I just wish I could remember what happened…And I wish I listened to my parents, and teachers about underage drinking. But I didn’t and NOW all I am is another statistic (“3500 deaths per year are caused by drinkers under the age of 21, 1400 are those are from drunk driving” ( and a pile of dust!!! Talk to you NEVER~~

Dear Diary,
I can’t believe this is possible but it is I guess. Well I’m not going to think about that now. Now all I’m going to think (ha ha that’s funny) (because I’m dead and all) about the events that brought me to my demise. Here goes… I started drinking alcohol when I was about 12 years old (10% of 12 year olds have used alcohol (US Department of Health, 2007)). Of course my parents had no clue!!! I had older sisters and brothers and would steal whatever I could from their stash. My friends would do the same, when we couldn’t get it from our siblings we would then steal it from our parents’ reserve (for dinner or special occasions). I can’t really pin point what/who was the instigator of this behavior…in a way I felt it was ok to do because my OLDER sisters and brothers drank alcohol…or maybe we (me and my friends) thought we were cool (ACTUALLY WE WERE, or so I believed), or because the even cooler girl invited me over her house and asked if I drank? And did I want a beer? …or because the famous girls such as Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears and Lindsay Lohan glamorize the use of alcohol and drugs... or was it because I thought alcohol would make me more loose (which it did in more ways then One…which I’m not happy to say that)…or make me more funny…likable…or just take the stress away from my everyday life. I just don’t really know what the initiation of my drinking was. All is I know is I started!!! I also started smoking cigarettes too. I didn’t realize that drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes would cause me to drink more alcohol. This is because nicotine found in cigarettes can cause the alcohol blood concentration to decrease therefore in order to get the same “high” as if I weren’t smoking cigarettes I needed to drink more alcohol ( ). This is referred to as cross-tolerance. (Wow I’m much smarter now, than I was before…I wish I could have remembered or thought about these things when I was still alive!!!) I didn’t even know that cross-tolerance existed and now I can tell you all about it. CRAZY isn’t it. But I did know what tolerance was…because when I first started drinking it took me only two beers to feel the effects but the more I partied the more beers it took me “…to get crumped up…” The last night I ever partied I had a half dozen beers, three jello shots, two shots of Jose Cuervo, tequila and smoked about a pack and a half of cigarettes.( I always thought that beer, wine and hard liquor had the same amount of alcohol in it, but now I realize that they don’t. A 12 oz beer has about 5% alcohol, a 5oz glass of wine has about 12% alcohol, and “hard”...

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