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Akij Group Term Paper

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Dhaka Tobacco Industries
Dhaka Tobacco Industries came to the fold of Akij Group in late seventies when Government has decided to disinvest and hand over the Factory to private sector from the nationalised sector.

The Factory is located at Morkun near Tongi and lot of investment into MEN & Machineries has turned the Factory in to a Modern cigarette producing unit. It employs about 1,200 people who works in a congenial atmosphere to deliver right quality to satisfy the million of Smokers’ taste and needs.

Currently, Dhaka Tobacco industries produces eight brands of cigarettes. These are Navy, Legend White, Five Star, Red & White, K2, Surma and Diamond. Approximately one billion ...view middle of the document...

The filter making machine is capable of making plugs of different length and dia. There are cigarette making machines of various brands and speeds. Recently, the company has invested in Molmac Mark 9 machines. They are equipped with a system to remove ferrous material and stems from the tobacco supplied to the machine. In addition, there is an automatic system of weight and density control to maintain uniformity.

Focke Hinge Lid Packers are used for packing cigarettes.
Quality Test Module is used to test the circumference of cigarettes and filters using a laser mike head, the total ventilation with closed ventilation zone and the pressure drop in cigarettes is a completely encapsulated condition. The percentage of moisture, nicotine and sugar in various blends is found using the Infralab TM Gauge. A Tobacco Oven determines the total oven volatile content of tobacco and stems. There are a variety of other installations to measure both physical and chemical properties, with the most impressive being a latest smoking machine.

The machines run...

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