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Air Pollution In Kuwait Essay

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Air Pollution and Health in Kuwait
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Kuwait is a relatively successful country in the Middle East. It has a rich history though with both the positive and the negative sides alike. Every time the name Kuwait is mentioned, one may not fail to think of its natural endowments in terms of oil. Though this is a common case to most of the Middle East countries, Kuwait stands out as one of the four oil-rich countries and the fourth largest exporter of oil among the Oil Producing and Exporting Countries (OPEC) with petroleum accounting to a sizeable percentage of its annual Gross Domestic ...view middle of the document...

Despite the numerous efforts made to correct the situation, its position as the petroleum powerhouse is again turning out to be a blessing in disguise to its own welfare. The petroleum in its form is generally of low quality and therefore refining it to finer and more profitable forms becomes inevitable. The county is not expansive though in its kilometers square coverage and hence putting the whole land surveyors in yet another dilemma.
The dilemma has seen most of the industrial plants established just few kilometers from the residential. This is a typical case in the residential areas like Um Al Hayman, Fahaheel and Al Mangaf. All these residential are located in close proximity to the plants which emits dangerous industrial fumes to the air posing health risk to the people who unconsciously or consciously inhale and consume the polluted air. The country is also positioned in an area characterized with wars where toxic gases are emitted in the battle field. These effects are spread and they finally settle in Kuwait increasing pollution even further. The result of these massive pollution in the air has manipulated itself in form of adverse effects to the people and long term suffering to the citizens of this blessed country.
The statistics never lie and recently the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report putting Kuwait as a country in an awkward position of the tenth most polluted country of the 91 countries which were sampled and by extension in the world. This figures and statistics were expected owing to the history of pollution in this country. Most of the citizens suffer in silence and others have taken the most unexpected of all steps, migrate to other countries.
The industries located next to the residential channel their solid effluents to the neighboring areas and therefore furthering the pollution of the air. The gaseous exhaustion pose a great threat to the air condition and generally the health conditions of the country. Alongside the industrial plants, the country has also witnessed a relative increase in the number of its vehicles and service industries which also by a great extend release fumes to the same air. The dust particles, though not of great quantity, have also had a share in the pollution of the air in Kuwait. Generally, the air is polluted to a great percentage and the recent research by the World Health Organization attest to this as it found out that the level of pollution in the oil-rich country is 123Ug/M3. (John, Morgan)
This level has surpassed the international standards. To this end, according to the international standards, special attention is required and rapid measures taken to curb the rising level of this pollution. The government, on its part has had a share to do though in most instances they have negated the fact that pollution is a major health threat to its own citizens. Nevertheless, there has been an increase in legislation which tends to increase regulations of the plants and...

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