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Aids Non Epidemic Essay

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College Policy and the Aids (Non) Epidemic

Communities in our society are becoming increasingly aware of the challenges being presented by the AIDS virus. Our government, as well as many other organizations like Planned Parent Hood, are taking strides to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS virus. Recently, in an attempt to contribute to the fight, the Administration of my College, Camden County College, has decided to install condom dispensers in the rest rooms throughout the three Campus locations. While this decision has been met with a great deal of resistance and controversy throughout the campus, I Agree with the many other students that there is no needed to spend the resources ...view middle of the document...

In addition, the AIDS Education Global Information System states that “HIV/AIDS prevention theorists believe that increased knowledge, along with positive attitudes and beliefs about HIV/AIDS, will lead to positive behavior changes” (1995). While the college’s decision to place condom dispensers in the rest rooms does not guarantee that every student will use condoms during sexual intercourse, it can be argued that the dispensers alone will not increase awareness and knowledge of condom use; and, as a result, there will be no increase nor decrease in the sexual transmission of the disease. Many High Schools already provide the students knowledge with health classes to prepare the students for what the disease can do to one being. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the proper and consistent use of condoms can greatly reduce a person’s risk of acquiring or transmitting sexually transmitted diseases, including the HIV infection (2003). From this statement, it can also be argued that condom use is only effective when used consistently and properly; therefore, the College Administration...

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