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Aida Essay

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Critically evaluate the Attention-Interest-Desire-Action model of persuasive communication for advertising and promotion.
It all started back in 1899 from Elias St. Elmo Lewis, an American sales and advertising pioneer who spoke about the advertising as a means of catching the eye of the reader, informing him and to eventually making him a customer. This thought went on for a number of years until it evolved to be as a means of attracting attention, awaking interest, persuading and convincing. And this is not close to what is internationally known today as the AIDA model.
Henceforth, the three principles of Lewis includes; the mission of the advert that is to attract the reader; the advert ...view middle of the document...

This technique of getting all of the consumers’ attention can be done in a number of ways. It can be done by location; where adverts are placed in very unexpected situations, this is also known as ambient media. Another way is the shock factor; which goes by shocking people to make them aware of the advert. A means of doing this is by using sexual imagery, which at some point of the advert it still has to be tied to the product being commercialised. One other technique is known as personalisation. This technique is related to adverts which would be specifically aimed to a sort of market so as not to be ignored by consumers.
Once marketers would have grabbed the consumers’ attention, it is imperative to keep this attention, and this is done by the second step of the model; Interest. This can be a challenging step insurances or banks to market their offer or service. For instance when marketers send direct mail to consumers they should keep it light and easy to read. This should be short and sub-divided with unusual headings and illustrations.
The third step of the model is Desire. After getting attention from the customers, it is imperative that marketers keeps such attention, therefore marketers should create desire. This step should include facts about the product, persuasiveness, and all other positive attributes about the product that would make consumers satisfied they purchased the product.
The final step of the AIDA model is Action which is also known as the closing of sale. After marketers demonstrate and illustrate all the product’s attributes to its target market, it is time for the seal the deal with an offer. This is what is known as the Call to Action (CTA), where the company needs to get consumers to try their product. It is the time where marketers need to persuade their potential consumers to try out their product; to action upon it. For instance, if a car manufacturer introduces a new model to the market, this is the step to get potential consumers to the showroom for a test drive. If for some...

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