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Apollo Hospitals announces Q4 and FY13 results Sustains growth momentum
FY13 Consolidated Revenues up 19.7% at Rs. 37,687 million Consolidated PAT up 38.7% at Rs. 3,044 million Stand Alone Pharmacies Turnover exceed Rs 1,000 Crores Board declares 110% dividend Commissioned 200 beds multi specialty hospital in Chennai & 140 beds Ortho & Spine Specialty hospital in Bangalore in Q4

Set to commission 1,000 beds across seven locations in FY14
Our commitment to advanced patient care has helped us put in place the world’s busiest solid organ transplant program. Completed 500 Bone marrow transplants with outstanding outcomes

India, May 20, 2013: Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd (AHEL), (BSE: ...view middle of the document...

Going beyond continuous improvement, we have looked at value addition and innovation in all that we do.” He added, “Aligned with the Disease burden of the nation, we have built a scientific expansion strategy of commissioning over 1,000 beds across seven locations in the coming year. Internal resources have also been upgraded to execute on this plan on time and on budget. This would add to our commendable achievement that we just passed of touching a million patients per Quarter” Suneeta Reddy – Joint managing Director stated “ Ahead of the impending legislation on CSR,I am delighted to state that our allocation towards multiple community programmes such as SACH ( Save a Childs Heart ),exceeds the proposed 2%. Expansion Details: • 300 beds across 3 hospitals in Chennai - 170 beds in OMR South Chennai (Life Line Facility lease), 60 beds Women & Child hospital (adjacent to Apollo Children’s hospital), 45 beds Women & Child hospital (OMR). 180 beds in Malleswaram, Bangalore. 525 beds across 3 Reach hospitals - 200 beds at Nellore, 200 beds at Trichy and 125 beds at Nasik.

• •


Financial Highlights
• Consolidated FY13 Performance o Revenues grew 19.7% to Rs. 37,687 million compared to Rs. 31,475 million in FY12. o EBITDA grew 18.5% to Rs. 6,082 million as against Rs. 5,131 million in FY12. o PAT was Rs. 3,044 million in FY13 vs. Rs. 2,194 million in FY12. o Diluted EPS of Rs. 21.88 per share in FY13. Consolidated Q4FY13 Performance o Revenues expanded 12.9% to Rs. 9,445 million compared to Rs. 8,365 million in Q4FY12. o EBITDA grew 6.0% to Rs. 1,395 million as against Rs. 1,316 million in Q4FY12. o PAT was Rs. 692 million vs. Rs. 453 million in Q4FY12, a growth of 52.9%. o Diluted EPS of Rs. 4.98 per share in Q4FY13 (not annualised). Standalone FY13 Performance o Revenues grew 18.5% to Rs. 33,178 million compared to Rs. 28,001 million in FY12. o EBITDA grew 19.2% to Rs. 5,536 million as against Rs. 4,644 million in FY12. o PAT was Rs. 3,091 million in FY13 vs. Rs. 2,310 million in FY12, growth of 33.8% o Diluted EPS of Rs. 22.22 per share in FY13. Standalone Q4FY13 Performance o Revenues grew 13.9% to Rs. 8,483 million compared to Rs. 7,446 million in Q4FY12. o EBITDA grew 10.6% to Rs. 1,328 million as against Rs. 1,200 million in Q4FY12. o PAT was Rs. 755 million vs. Rs. 593 million in Q4FY12, growth of 27.3%. o Diluted EPS of Rs. 5.43 per share in Q4FY13 (not annualised).


Segment-wise Performance Update
Hospitals Revenues of the hospital division of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited (Standalone) (consisting of hospital services, hospital-based pharmacies and consulting) increased by 14.3% to Rs. 22,167 million in FY13 compared to Rs. 19,402 million in FY12. Apollo’s newer hospitals continued to display steady progress and improvement in operating parameters: • • • Bhubaneswar occupancy at 185 beds (74% utilization on an increased capacity of 250 beds) as compared to 144 beds in FY12. Hospitals in tier II...

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