Aging Population In Modern Workforce Essay

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Aging Population in Modern Workforce
Southern New Hampshire University
September 13, 2014

This paper refers to the changes current workforce relationships have to go through, due to the constant aging of their employees and population in general. I will discuss the changes that are most likely to occur, how the aging of the workforce affects managers and companies, what policies eliminate age discrimination, the importance of diversity in workforce, and what actions companies can take into consideration in order to maintain a well-balanced, diverse and satisfied workforce.

Aging Population in Modern Workforce

Changes in Workforce: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
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Therefore, workers would have to start paying taxes to support the older population.
2. Job training might be different and longer than regular training.
3. Job accommodations will need to meet the standards for a senior worker.
What Should Managers do to Overcome Age Diversity?
First of all, employers need to respect the norms against discriminations established by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission., The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA). This act makes it illegal to discriminate against a person because of their age if he or she is 40 years old or older (U.S. EEOC, n.d).
* Flexibility is one of the key to growth. Flexible workforce are more open to new ideas, new procedures and to learning new skills. It is important that the managers make training available to all the employees, despite of their age, race or culture.
* They need to be aware that people have different ways to learn and they should implement the right methods.
* Managers should conduct regular audits to understand the different skills his or her workforce count with.

Benefits of Having a Diverse Workforce
In contrary with what people believe, research has shown that companies who have a diverse-age workforce are more successful. Here are some examples (Age, n.d):
* Spend less money training new employees because they have less workers resigning.

* Older employees are proved to have a higher morale.

* Because older employees are committed to their jobs, the company experiences less short term absences.

* Higher productivity due to higher sense of responsibility.

* A better public image.

* Older employees have many experience in the labor, therefore a company who has older employees count with a more skilled and experienced workforce.

* Due to its overall good management of the company, it counts with a better public image.

My Experience

In the company I worked for three years, there weren’t many...

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