Aging Population Essay

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The Aging Population
The aging population is living longer than ever before and according to statistics this longevity and aging will continue to grow. The importance of providing the Fifty million aging Baby Boomers are sparking demand for products and environments that accommodate their changing physical and sensory capabilities. Today, one out of every 9 Americans is "old"—another former youth turns 50 every 8 seconds. Those age 65 and older now exceed 35 million, a number poised to explode. January 2011 ushered in the first of approximately 77 million Baby Boomers, born from 1946 through 1964 and are surging toward the gates of retirement (transgenerational).
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Thus, a good population environment is required in order to implement the strategy of sustainable development. “A good population environment will promote coordinated development and sustainable development of population and economy, society, environment and resources. Human resources of the elderly, especially talent resources, have high value and advantages. Advantages of talent resources of the elderly are m2nly reflected in two aspects. On one hand, they have incomparable experiences and skills and accumulae1d cultural tradition. In order to realize sustainable development, a society has to inherit the excell1ent achievements of its traditional culture and carry forward and innovate these achievements (Hongmei, W. 2010).
Key Related Health Issues
The rise in costs of prescription medicines affects all sectors of the health care industry, including private insurers, public programs, and patients. Spending on prescription drugs continues to be an important health care concern, particularly in light of rising pharmaceutical costs, the aging population, and increased use of costly specialty drugs. The aging population is living longer but with more health care related issues; therefore the cost of prescription drugs is a major factor in the in caring for their health and finance.
Prescription drugs are a vital component of efforts to maintain or improve health. Advances in new
product and technology increases in utilization the number of people using prescribed medicines
and the numbers of prescriptions per user have contributed to increases in overall prescription
drugs spending. The rising cost of prescription drugs affects everyone, but especially high prescription drug users, uninsured individuals, and health plans. Almost half of the cost of prescription drugs is paid out-of pocket. Concerns about cost lead some consumers to take less than the dosage suggested therefore putting their health at risk.
The importance of the aging population having their medications and proper dosage will help to sustain their health and receive the proper dosage of their medication. By most standards, the health of the elderly has improved over the past 30 years. Mortality has declined, disability is less prevalent at the oldest ages, and disease in old age is less likely to mean death or loss of physical or mental functions. However, the improved ability to treat diseases and chronic conditions has increased the prevalence of most diseases in the elderly population (Jacobsen, Lee, & Mather 2011).

Wellness Programs for the Aging
The Administration on Aging Health, Prevention, and Wellness Programs provide seniors with the tools to maintain their health, reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases, and manage their health to live as independently as possible. One of the most important programs AOA based disease program for the aging is the Diabetes Self-Management Training Initiative’s goal is to increase the...

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