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Aggressive Behavior In Adolescent Males Essay

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Aggressive Behavior in Adolescent Males
Tamara C. Denson
CPSY 558
Tarleton State University

Anger and Aggressive behavior among adolescent males has been on the rise for years. There are many factors that contribute to the cause of aggressive behavior among males. Some of the factors include drug abuse within the home and among parents, issues of child rearing plays a substantial part and also environmental factors. Anger and Aggressive behavior among males is at a higher risk compared to females. These factors also contribute to adult aggressive behavior. Research has shown that there are many available treatments, but no ...view middle of the document...

Anger and Aggression among Males
Anger and aggression among adolescent males is a societal problem and concern. Black males reported the highest levels of overtly aggressive behavior and also reported higher levels of physiologic anxiety and disordered eating than males from other racial/ethnic groups (McLauglin, Hilt, & Nolen-Hoeksema, 2007).The majority of adolescent males who are experiencing aggressive behavior are susceptible to becoming drug abusers, alcoholics, and becoming mentally and physically disable. Adolescent males that live a life of aggression will have experiences with drugs and alcohol. More than likely many of them will end up mentally and physically disable.
The long-term affect of anger and aggressive behavior among adolescent males can lead to an adult life of criminal behavior and violence. If the adolescent male does not seek some type of help for his anger and aggression, they could end up living a life of crime. When adolescents are dealing with the effects of aggressive behavior it is very difficult for them to sustain healthy relationships such as marriage, being an efficient parent and being a part of society’s workforce. Aggressive behavior among males can also be in part due to anger and a common belief that displaying physical aggression is the appropriate thing to do when handling conflict.
Causes of Aggression
In order to determine the etiology of aggressiveness in adolescent males, identifying the sources that are contributing to the problem is important. Some factors that have contributed to anger and aggressive behavior in adolescent male is psychological, behavioral, and attitudinal risk characteristics which included earlier aggression, impulsivity, limitations in ego integration, and diminished empathy. Research has indicated that such personality attributes are highly associated with later adolescent delinquency, including aggressive behaviors. Interpersonal difficulty among adolescents has also been found to be related to aggression (Brook,Duan, & Brook, 2007).
If an adolescent male comes from a family where the parents have used drugs, have anger problems or display aggressive behavior then he will more than likely take on those same traits and behaviors. This type of transference causes a higher risk for the male to act out this type of behavior among his peers or others. A father with attendant stress who abuses drugs may engender a less cohesive and more stressful family environment. Qualitative Research writing issue: Not really writing in third person, but first person disguise as third person.
The adolescent male experiences aggressive behavior because of the environment that he comes from. When a male is exposed to this type of behavior, they are susceptible to such violent behaviors. Such an environment predisposes adolescents to impaired personality development and aggressive behavior (Brook,Duan, & Brook, 2007). A distant father-child mutual attachment relationship,...

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