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Ageism Essay

9955 words - 40 pages

reading and studying
focusing on print and online materials
ISBN 1-256-09222-3

Keys to Effective Learning: Study Skills and Habits for Success, Sixth Edition, by Carol Carter, Joyce Bishop, and Sarah Lyman Kravits. Published by Allyn & Bacon. Copyright © 2011 by Pearson Education, Inc.

c h a p t e r


hanh never had trouble keeping up with her high school reading
assignments, but after four weeks of college she is already snowed under. With midterms coming in two weeks, she stays awake at night thinking about how much she has to learn. It seems as if all the reading she has done this term—particularly what she has read on the computer—has gone in one side of her brain and out ...view middle of the document...

On any given day, you may be faced with assignments like these: A textbook chapter on the history of South African apartheid (world history) A research study linking sleep deprivation and memory problems (psychology) A journal article on police in society (criminal justice) A technical manual on the design of antivirus programs (computer software design)

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Your succcess in every course depends on handling this load with a cando attitude and an action plan. This chapter will help you improve your reading comprehension so that you don’t fall into the trap that snared Hanh—turning pages without learning. When you learn concepts that you thought were impossible on first reading, you’ll be proud of your ability to persist. The place to begin is with the SQ3R study system, which was developed decades ago by Francis Robinson.1 SQ3R is an acronym for survey, question, read, recite, and review. As you move through the stages of SQ3R, you will skim and scan your text. Skimming involves the rapid reading of such chapter elements as section introductions and conclusions, boldfaced or italicized terms, pictures, tables, charts, and chapter summaries. The goal of
ISBN 1-256-09222-3


Chapter 7

Keys to Effective Learning: Study Skills and Habits for Success, Sixth Edition, by Carol Carter, Joyce Bishop, and Sarah Lyman Kravits. Published by Allyn & Bacon. Copyright © 2011 by Pearson Education, Inc.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
Sir Richard Steele, 18th century Irish journalist and playwright

skimming is a quick construction of the main ideas. Scanning involves the careful search for particular information. SQ3R works best if you adapt it to your needs. For example, you and another classmate may focus on elements in a different order when you survey, write different questions, or favor different review strategies. Explore strategies, evaluate what works, and then make the system your own. (Note that SQ3R is not appropriate for literature.)

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Surveying, the first stage in SQ3R, involves previewing, or pre-reading, your assignment. Most textbooks include elements that provide a big-picture overview of the main ideas and themes. You need the big picture to make sense of the information nuggets contained in the text and to learn the order of topics and how extensively each is covered. Skim the table of contents for the chapter titles, the main topics in each chapter, and the order in which they will be covered, as well as special features. Then skim the preface in which the author tells you what the book will cover and her point of view. For example, the preface for the American history text Out of Many states that...

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