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After The Storm Essay

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South Carolina
“After The Storm”
By: Yvonne Lehman

22 March 2014
Health Science 3
Ms. Kines

This book was about a woman who had to deal with the aftermath or her son, mother, daughter in-law, and grandson’s car accident. It is one of three stories in a non-fiction novel called South Carolina. This book focuses on legal responsibilities, medical terminology, diseases and conditions. The main character in this book is a woman named Sharon Martin. She lost her mother, son, and daughter in-law in a car crash. Her grandson, Bobby was also in the crash. Bobby was placed into intensive care after the crash and was on the verge of dying.
Sharon Martin is a Christian woman who values ...view middle of the document...

This explains the basic theme that God conquers all.
One of the first “medical problems” that comes up is organ donation. Sharon must decide whether or not to sign off, to donate her mother and her son’s organs. While this is going on, they’re trying to find a match for Bobby’s blood type so they can have more blood available. Bobby is AB negative. Bobby went into a coma right after surgery. A coma is a state of prolonged unconsciousness. The doctors believe Bobby entered this coma because of the trauma his brain was put through in the crash. Bobby had to have his spleen removed in surgery. His spleen had developed a hematoma that ruptured. A hematoma is a circumscribed collection of blood caused by a break in a blood vessel. The doctors had to constantly monitor his heart rate, blood pressure, and cerebral pressure. Being that he was in a coma, Bobby had a catheter placed in him. This tube helped drain fluids, such as urine, from his bladder. They monitored his cerebral pressure because the swelling of the brain can lead to permanent brain damage. The doctors didn’t know the full extent of the damage caused by this crash; they weren’t sure how much trauma had already occurred. In time, Bobby came out of his coma. At first, Bobby would tire easily and couldn’t keep up with the other kids, through therapy he was able to build back his strength and fully recover. The process was long, but eventually he was able to go back to living a normal life. They were all able to...

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