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African American History Essay

673 words - 3 pages


I. Introduction to Afro-American History

A. Central theme-Quest for 1. Freedom, 2. Equality, 3. Manhood/Women Suffrage

B. Reasons for the Afro-American Movement-1. Record sake, 2. Inspirational Sake, 3. Fight for the concept that blacks are inferior.

C. Africanism-anything that has an African origin

D. Eras of History- Ancient (Stone Age), Medieval (Dark Ages History), Modern (Reform), & Current

II. Discuss the four group of Black Historians.

- The Author of Black Historians is Dr. Thrope.

-The Beginning School-Rope to justify Emancipation

-The Middle School-Builder of Black Studies

-The Layman School-Untrained Historians

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Karenga believed African Americans should Rescue & Reconstruct Black History. We need to rescue it from the Europeans. Let African Americans write their own history. His quote was "History is a mirror of struggle".

B. Alkalimat believed that African American should Rewrite & Reconceptionalize their history. He is the author of Intro to African American History. His stages to African American History was the:

1. Crisis Stage,

2. Innovation Stage

3. Experimentation Stage

4. Institutionalization Stage

African American Studies is an intellectual and academic discipline. It has 3 fields of knowledge: 1. Natural Sciences

2. Humanities

3. Social Science.

It deals with a radical fundamental change in education. (Changes from European centric to Afro centric.)

Alklimat levels of African American History was:

1. Biology & Race 2. Political Economy & Class & Caste

3.Society & Nationality 4. Idealogy & Consciousness

VI. "Theory, Pedagogy, and Research"

A. Theory is a proven fact.

B. Pedagogy is a method or an art of teaching.

C. Research is collecting information, investigating, and seeking knowledge.

VII. Pillars of Knowledge

A. Origin & Heritage

B. Critical Analysis (critical...

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