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African American Hate Crimes Essay

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Hate Crimes Against African-American
Tonja Charletta Cash

Hate Crimes Against African Americans

Two African-American, 16 year old girls were walking home from a school function. They were walking through a predominately white neighborhood. One was wearing her school cheerleading outfit and the other was wearing a hoodie, and it was covering her head. Which one will ...view middle of the document...

We will explore the Ku Klux Klan and it's involvement with hate crimes against African-Americans. Many of these crimes have happened all of the United States. South and North-it didn't matter. Many of the crimes were lynchings. These lynchings were often commited by an organization known as "The Ku Klux Klan". The sheer number of African-Americans lynched or legally executed was much higher than outside the south. "Some 4,921 in 10 southern states between 1882 and 1950 alone, compared to only 572 European-Americans"(The HangsMan Knot) Members of the original Ku Klux Klan were domestic terrorist with a focused objective: this was to intimidate freed former slaves and their white supporters. Burning down houses and businesses, whippings, shootings, and hangings. Klan terrorism succeeded in preventing African-Americans from using their mewly won rights. The Klan was investigated by congress, and Sothern conservatives as a national party seem to have disowned the klan by 1870. Unfortunately, this ending doesn't mean that Afrincan-Americn lynching stopped. Instead, lynchings came to be presented differently- a theatrical spectacle that said, "The community has come together in a spontaneous outpouring of outrage against an African-American who committed an atrocity". No longer were African-Americans recieving secret visits at night from the KKK, victims were being lynched in public by a mob. Often the victim was taken from jail were they were awaiting a fair trial.
The Ku Klux Klan wasn't the only group that targeted African-Americans. Many hate crimes were committed by ordinary white citizens. Many of these citizens carried out the lynchings. No doubt the ordinary white citizens who carried out the killings, or simply showed up for the spectacle, did support the hangings or burnings of many African-Americans. But, close investigation of individual hate crimes have shown that the guiding hand was the community's local cotton planters, merchants and bankers. Both elite and lower-income. In 1955, an AfricanAmerican teenager from chicago was murdered while visiting family in Money, Mississippi, a town with a population of only 55. Emmett Till's "capital" offense: trying to flirt with a store owner's European-American wife. He had acted on a dare from his cousins and their friends, but four days later he was dead. A victim of a harmless prank. His beaten, unclothed body was found in the Tallahatchie River, two men were charged with his murder. Roy Bryant, husband of the store clerk, and Bryant's half brother. It was unusual that the men were even prosecuted in court, because in the 1950's the police often turned their heads. Their aquittal was a done deal.
This leads to our next exploration, which involves police related hate crimes. The class description for the position of a Police Officer, as defined by the Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service Board( rev. 7-10-75) is hereby reproduced. " This is general and varied duty police work in the...

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