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African American Culture Essay

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African Americans
The African American culture today is no longer the same as the seventeenth century. After slavery became abolished, African Americans moved on to much higher things and African Americans are just as powerful as any other person belonging to another race. They have their own month which is black history month. Some African Americans are paid more than other Americans, and some are even famous today. The African American culture had a great ...view middle of the document...

Today, the descendents of African American slaves can be found all over the world, but the populations of African Americans are extremely high in the south of the United States because of slavery in the past. African Americans have equal rights and they are well aware of it. They can voice their opinions and have had protests against discrimination in the past. Many African Americans today have also given a wider variety to dance and music such as singer the late singer Michael Jackson. Instead of just being mainly of the Christian religion such as in the seventeenth century, African Americans have the right to choose any religion they desire. They also participate in every day events and follow the American main stream events such as local parades. Some African Americans today face discrimination because some descendents carried the same views as their ancestors. Different traditions of the African culture are still recognized such as African culture dancing, and singing during religious ceremonies because of the participation of the African Americans and all the movement involved. Spoken word was also influenced by the African culture. Much African Americans today like to speak out about what their ancestors had to go through during slavery and they express it in various forms.

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