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Africa History Essay

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"Nevertheless the sands have destroyed only the body of ancient Egypt Civilization; its spirit survives in the lore and memory of our race"
Some major contributions of Ancient Egypt to world culture are the inventions of pyramids, glass, linen, paper, ink, the calendar, the clock, arts, crafts, geometry and the alphabet. Ancient Egypt was big on Architecture by designing handmade Pyramids. Such as Kufu’s Pyramid, which was so complex in design elements that it still remains a mystery. Astronomy, Astrology and time helped the world distinguish the two. Observers did time keeping, and prediction of future and fate was something they called single “ science”. Astronomers calculated the length ...view middle of the document...

Not only did Carter open a window on ancient history, but also he unwittingly unleashed Tutmania upon a world that was soon gilded and embellished with neo-Egyptian motifs. It’s a spell that’s never really been broken, and under which costume and fashion designers have tended to fall. Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra is unforgettable, as is Dior’s take on the land of the Nile. For spring 2015, designers like Dries Van Noten and Fausto Puglisi looked eastward for inspiration; the latter adding some new strut to the look of Tut. “ Quite interesting how style and fashion from thousands of years ago is still an influence today. Fashion is a rotating world! On a political note, “ Ramses the Great” the Pharaoh who made peace with his enemies and the first peace treaty in history. He was one of Egypt’s greatest warriors but a peacemaker as well. He was the first king to sign a peace treaty with his rivals, the Hittites. Which ended the many years of war and hostility. That treaty can be considered to be a model, for applying today’s...

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