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Affect Of Vat Increase On Small Businesses

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The purpose of this report is to consider the marketing mix for the latest HTC Desire HD mobile phone by using two methods-primary and secondary of market research. Both researches’ data can be obtained from internal such as inside the organization and external such as outside the organization sources.
Primary research consists of information which is obtained for the first time. In other words, this information has never existed previously. It is obtained from people by doing some sort of investigation in the marketplace. Primary research is designed to meet specific information needs. However, there are some drawbacks that it is expensive to carry out and can be time consuming to carry ...view middle of the document..., http://www. ki/,

The questionnaire has been made by using two research methods as they have been mentioned above in this report. For the primary method 11 people have been approached about the HTC Desire HD mobile phone and the information gathering took a place in Aberdeen College in a 303 classroom. The information was collected by a communication between questioner and respondents. Everybody was doing questionnaires at the same time; therefore the interview proceeded approximately two hours, as extra time was taking to find available respondents.
The internet has been used for the second research method. Also, Google, mobile phone shops, branch shops, manufacturers provide possibility sources of information on the HTC Desire mobile phone. Moreover, the information has been collected by using Aberdeen College computer during the lesson and it has been taken two hours to look up different sites of information for the HTC Desire mobile phone.

The marketing is based on four different elements: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. These elements influence of the marketing mix success. Moreover, they interact with each other to give customer the right product, at the right price, available in the right place with the right information (promotion). The first 5 questions are related to the Product, 6,7-the Price, 8,9-the Promotion and 10,11-the Place.


Q1 asked if respondents had heard about the latest HTC Desire HD mobile phone. This question is perfect to establish whether respondents can able to continue answering the questionnaire or no. Responses indicated that 11/11 of the sample answered yes.

The figure below demonstrates that HTC Desire HD mobile phone is well known product.

Q2 asked what reasons encourage respondents to buy this product.

The chart demonstrates that majority of consumers are interesting in multitasking of HTC Desire HD mobile phone.

Q3 asked what features respondents like in this particular product.

The chart shows that respondents are giving preference to the internet than design, functionality or other.

Q4 asked what features consumers not like in this particular product.

Despite the fact that some of respondents chose the negative features as battery, touch screen or size, most respondents answered none.
Q5 asked whether the materials are good quality.


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