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Aed 201 Week 8 Exercise Essay

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Assess Leslie's teaching using the effective teaching characteristics outlined in Figure 11.1.
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Ms. Leslie was teaching a teaching a group of students, the student had a problem understanding the English class work. Ms. Leslie wrote on the board two type of sentences one was correct and the other was wrong. As a class Ms. Leslie had each student to explain the sentences, once everyone was ...view middle of the document...

Teacher planning, teaching strategies, and assessing learning are the three dimensions for which the most evidence exists. Leslie was well planned. She had her examples (actually, an example and a non-example) prepared on transparencies and ready to be displayed. And she made arrangements to have a second overhead in her room, so she could display the two transparencies at the same time. She was well planned. Leslie used effective teaching strategies. She was well organized, her language was clear, and she questioned effectively, particularly in the area of equitable distribution. She used high-quality examples and she developed her lesson with high levels of interaction. She provided effective feedback during the course of the lesson. Leslie's assessment was aligned with her learning objective and her learning activity. We don't have direct evidence for her personal characteristics or classroom management. However, because her instructional strategies were effective, the likelihood of her having classroom management problems was significantly reduced.

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