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Aed 200 Final Project Essay

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Should Special Needs Students Be Exempt from Graduation Test
Misty A. Clark
September 16, 2012
Kimberly Jackson

Should Special Needs Students Be Exempt from Graduation Test
The debate of should special needs students be exempt from taking Graduation tests has been going on for years. There are facts in which shows these students should be exempt from these test because these test are based on normal students’ knowledge. The standardized test is based on what normal students have learned and on their comprehension skill. Special needs students should not be exempted from taking this test to graduate because it will help with their self-esteem and also will give them a ...view middle of the document...

A teacher in a study noticed the students knew information for a test if he would read the question out loud to them, but was not able to take a written exam. This teacher decided to be more creative and developed a testing team for his students to improve on their knowledge on a subject area. With this new testing team an improvement was discover and the students was able to a test on a more traditional testing scale. Another teacher heard about this testing team and how it improve the class scores and also improve on the self-esteem of the students and decide to use this idea. This teacher decided to change it up and pair the students where one student reads the question and the other student discusses the answer and then marks the answer on the paper. The teacher saw an improvement in the class scores and in the knowledge of the students increase. The benefit to this is it helps the student to develop the skills to work with other and also to develop flexibility they will need to use in college and later in the work field.
A teacher in Oklahoma for the fourth grade special education noticed a student could not recognized letters while taking a test and like most teachers assumed this is why the students was in a special education class. This teacher found out later in the week the student was intelligent and the teacher change the way the test was given to this students and to see where this student was testing at on a phonics level. The teacher worked with this student and by the end of the school year the student was reading on a first grade level. This proves all special needs student are not slow but if given a chance they can improve if someone just take time and show them what they need to learn. Special Education teachers or upcoming teacher’s needs to look at each student individual and find out why these students are in our classes and if they can learn at a normally level, slower level or even learn at all. Teachers and the maker of school programs are focusing on the social educational needs. Since the development of computer programs design for students with special need these students can have a tutor and have access to the skills in the subject area in which the student need help. With these new developments and the computer program we will be seeing improvement in the state and national test scores. We don’t need to just keep saying the students will never amount to anything because they have little disability or if they are special need. Some students today start out being special because they are learning English as a second language. A school in Oklahoma started using a program called CTB/McGraw-Hills’s Acuity which is an online plus paper and pencil assessment which is in alignment with the state standards and the school scores improved from 32 percent to 70 percent. Another state –aligned computer test is called Measures of Academic Progress which test k-10 students and this test is designed to...

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