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Advice To Youth Essay

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Thoreau's pleasure in considering where to live is not in the actual acquisition of material goods, to which he is averse, but in the contemplation of what a life could be like there. He seeks a place that is separate from society.
For Thoreau, being close to nature is the best part of his choice of place to live. Acquiring the material possession of a house is something he must put up with in order to live in nature.

Independence Day has symbolic meaning as the day Thoreau becomes self-reliant and the day that he becomes one of nature's inhabitants.

Thoreau's close observation of nature testifies to his profound relationship with it, characterized both by awe of its spiritual ...view middle of the document...

When he chooses where to live and moves into his house, he celebrates becoming a part of nature and holds the pond sacred. He went to the woods to "live deliberately," he says, citing simplicity as the path to spiritual wakefulness and taking nature as his model. Discussing his intellectual life, he venerates the written word, calling books the true wealth of nations and urging all people to learn to read well. He believes, more than just reading, that a man must be a seer and listener, constantly alert to nature, and he revels in his solitude, seeing nature as a companion that wards off melancholy. At Walden he receives many visitors, however, as many as 30 at a time, including a Canadian woodchopper, an unsophisticated man who nevertheless impresses Thoreau.Thoreau's daily work in the bean-field, he says, dignified his existence and connected him to the earth through the ancient art of husbandry. When he wanted some company or some gossip, he often went to the village, where he was once arrested for not paying a tax but was released the next day. Back in the woods, Thoreau describes all the ponds around his house and meets John Field, a man who is too entrenched in...

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