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Advice For Holden From Dr. Phil

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Holden Caulfield, from Catcher in the Rye can be kept under observation for psychological problems. From what’s been read in the book, Holden seems like a troubled boy. You can tell from the four different schools he’s been kicked out of and especially that he is unable to relate or connect with any others and voices strong harsh opinions about others. As the story goes on, many more reasons about his troubled-ness should unfold. His symptoms cannot be filed away in a readily disorder or given advice from Dr. Phil.
It may be helpful for Holden to know of his conditions, and also advice from Dr. Phil which he might be able to use to help relive somewhat of his troubles. First of his we could address is where he judges everybody and everything. Holden judges them in many categories but frequently judging them into groups of either being phony, ...view middle of the document...

In order to control this, he just control his actions and not do anything that others could talk about ceasing his quick judgments.
Holden has a lack of close or any type of relationships at all. His constant, quick judgments of others may be a factor in his lack of relationship, but nonetheless it is a problem. Dr. Phil states that to have a solid relationship and a good friend; he must ask himself what type of friend is he, what type of friend should he be and become a good friend. Especially also that he and the other must take responsibility in the relationship. Dr. Phil says, “Decide what you believe and hold to be true, and conduct yourself 100 percent consistent with that”.
One problem of Holden that must be fixed is his attitude and his attitude towards life. Holden’s attitude is pretty rude and for life it seems apathetic. He honestly doesn’t care about anything at all. His apathetic attitude could also be affected by the way he quickly judges others. He may think people are very superficial and he can’t connect with others for that reason; also imagining that feeling for anything in this world isn’t worth feeling for at all. Holden seems as if he wants to keep his childhood-ness, his innocence and doesn’t want to enter reality; as if he lives in his own little world, where it is only him and his views of others. It could be possible, especially from what little has been read. A way to fix this is by healing his internal, emotional problems. To control his issues, that he needs to protect himself, give him the credit he deserves and attention. Holden looks to be a very smart boy, very aware of everything and pretty advanced considering his way of thinking. Despite his troubles and his unknown psychological problem, Holden is just a growing boy that needs someone for him there. What could be misunderstood from the book about him is his problems. Anyone could say he needs to be kept in an asylum or have therapy because to them his troubles could seem great and misunderstand his real need.

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