Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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impact of depression

On the academic productivity

Of university stdents

The assignment is based on the topic “the impact of depression on the academic productivity of university students”. The research is based on the causes and effects of depression.
Depression is a state of the mind being caught up on a scenario or a situation and thinking over it continuously for more than the usual time. This could be days and weeks pass by thinking about one subject.
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Therefore, people must be advised on the right method of preventative method.
The second article is aimed on studying major depressive events among the students of Spanish university. The common symptom that was deprived from the article was depressive mood. Also, it was found that more of women were the victim of depression compared to men. After the research it was discovered that some proportion of students had considered suicide while a bit of them sadly had found a solution as suicide.(Fernando L. Vázquez PhDa & Vanessa Blanco MSa, 2008). This is a serious issue and some recommendation must be made on counseling services.
The third article was also a data of research done on depressive measure symptoms. A total of 17,348 university students were assessed from several countries. It was found that the counties that had higher standard of living and income had increased cases of depression. (andrew steptoe, jane ardle, akira tsuda, yoshiyuki anada, 2007)
The fourth article is based on the impact of illness and flu on academic productivity. Various people volunteered....

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