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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hotels Going Green

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Research Project

Hotels Going Green

Yssah Nastassja C. Cueto

8 October 2013

Southville Foreign University

Hotels Going Green

Yssah Nastassja C. Cueto


This study examines the positive and negative effects to an industry that is under hospitality.

Statement of the problem
The researcher wanted to know about how only a few industries have been successful in turning one of the most impossible industries to a green concept industry and how others fail to attempt this concept. What were the benefits that the industry has gained? (Advantages and disadvantages)
1. What are the advantages of a hotel going “green”
2. What are the possible disadvantages?
3. How did the establishment achieve their goals in pursuing the “going green” concept?
4. What were their failures in attempting to achieve the “going green” concept?

As the researcher, the topic ...view middle of the document...

These would include:
* Gaining competitive advantage by being a leader in the sector

* Customer loyalty
* Employee retention
* Awards and recognition
* Regulatory compliance
* Risk management
* Increased brand value
But most importantly, it is the right thing to do.
According to (Claver-Cortes et al, 2007) the hotel industries has been pursuing the green practices since the 1990’s due to fluctuating economic levels and strong focus on the customer service.

The word “recycling” or as we all know “green”
1. Advantages
2. Disadvantages
3. Hotels going green in hotel
4. Why did other hotels fail to achieve going green?
5. How did other hotels become successful in pushing through with going “Green”
Statement of the problem-questions
Background of the study-rationale of why you chose the topic
*personal reasons
-booming industry
-Statistics-current trends (?)
-information justifying the need to explore the topic
*researcher’s reason for choosing the topic
*the need for the particular research

1) Has the author formulated problem/issue? Is it clearly defined? Is its significance (scope, severity, relevance) clearly established? (Could the problem have been approached more effectively) from another perspective?

2) What are the author’s research orientation and theoretical framework?
3) What is the relation between the theoretical and research perspectives?
4) Has the author evaluated the literature relevant to the problem/issue?
5) Does the author include literature taking positions she or he does not agree with?
6) How does the author structure the argument? Can you *deconstruct* the flow of the argument to see whether or where it breaks down logically (eg: establishing cause-effect relationship?)
7) In what ways does this book or article contribute to your understanding of the problem under study?
8) In what way(s) is it useful?
9) What are the strengths and limitations?
10) How does this book or article relate to the specific problem or question you are developing?

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