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Adult Learning Theories were developed to understand and influence the way adults learn and how they are taught to learn. There are many factors that affect adults in their daily lives that differ from children and these factors can impact them in various ways. In the articles summarized below there are many explanations of how the adult learning theories are utilized to improve the learning experience.

In Adult Learning Theory Applications to Non-Traditional College Students (Kenner;Weinerman, 88), adults between the ages of 25-50 are described to have their own unique categories being divided into three: 1. Layoffs post recession 2. Veterans of Middle East wars. New GED ...view middle of the document...

These two articles complement each others thoughts and support each other’s points. Both articles bring the workplace into play as a major component in the adult learning factors. The workplace is credited to provide experiences that can be useful for adults reentering college or entering for the first time. Employment is also listed as a factor that can create a time management issue for the adult learner. Both article place importance on various methods that can provide easement back into the academic worlds. These methods are helpful tools to the professors and students.

There are many ways to spark the mind of an adult that is willingly reentering the academic world. If the student and teacher both can tap into the past education and professional background of the adult learner there is sure to be great success to both parties.


Adult learning theories have a positive role in helping students and teachers improve the reentry of college. The articles cover the depth of the studies that it took to arrive to these theories. It is motivating to see that so many people took the time to perform these studies and to convey them to the world.

In Adult Learning Theory Applications to Non-Traditional College Students (Kenner;Weinerman, 88), I can see where the three classifications could impact the learning aspect. I grew up as a military child and I have worked in large companies through the recession. Active duty and layoffs are huge components to the jump in adults reentering college. I really find that framing is an excellent way to encourage and motivate students by providing the guidance and showing the results. The light at the end of the tunnel really comes to mind when I think about the process.

In the...

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