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Adult Learner Essay

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Applications to Non-Traditional College Students
I am doing this topic because when I read it, I seen myself in it.
There are three main reasons why people go back to college, 1) workers have lost their jobs that they have done for years. 2) Veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq who delayed their education to serve in the armed forces. 3) Adults who have just completed their GED and are moving onto higher education. (Cari ...view middle of the document...

Just like Alexis, I too am going to have a challenge in head of me.
Adult Learning Strategy and Theory
Three metacognitive frameworks that identify how people structure their own learning theories. The first one is tacit theory. According to tacit theory, adult learners acquire their metacognitive skills from peers, teachers, and the local culture. Number two is informal theory. Individuals who use informal theories still acquire their metacognition skills over time from their peers and their environment. For the adult students their informal metacognitive strategies develop in the workplace environment and which brings together intelligence, experience, and reflection. Number three is formal theory which is the theoretical modeling of social system based on game theory, dynamical system theory, and among other interdisciplinary fields.
Adult learners tend to be more self-directed and task or goal oriented than traditional students. And adult learners generally have had some level of success in their non-academic lives and they can replicate this success in their academic endeavors if they understand the benefits of new strategies.
Rhonda Weston

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