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Adult Driver Education Essay

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Texas Adult Driver Education Course

Chapter Level Quiz

1.When a vehicle ahead of you stops to let a pedestrian pass in front of you, you should:
Stay in line and wait until the vehicle ahead proceeds
Overtake to the right
Overtake to the left
Sound your horn

2.Once you have stopped for a school bus, do not pass until the driver signals you to proceed, the red lights stop flashing, or:
The bus parks
The road is clear
The bus flashes its green lights
The bus starts moving ahead

3.It is a violation of State law for pedestrians to:
Run while crossing the street
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If you must walk on the highway, you should:
Walk on the side that has the widest shoulders
Walk on the right side so that approaching cars can see you better
Walk on the side with the highest amount of traffic
Walk on the left side in order to watch for approaching vehicles

6.When possible, pedestrians should walk:
On a sidewalk
On the right side of the road to avoid oncoming cars
On the right side of the road with the lightest traffic
On the left side of the road facing traffic

7.When entering a street from a private alley or driveway, you must:
Stop only when turning left
Proceed at 5mph
Sound your horn for pedestrians
Stop, then yield to approaching vehicles and pedestrians

8.When a pedestrian walks out into the street in violation of the law, you should:
Let them look out for themselves
Insist on your right of way
Caution them about jaywalking
Yield the right of way to avoid injuring them

9.When entering a street from an unpaved road, you should:
Take the right-of-way cautiously
Yield to the vehicle on the paved road in all instances
Be prepared to stop if the vehicle on the paved road does not
Stop only if there is a stop sign on the unpaved road

10. When you hear a siren coming, you should:
Continue as you are
Speed up and get out of the way
Turn right at the next corner
Yield to the emergency vehicle

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