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Adoption Essay

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Adoption Jansen 1

Adoption: Same-Sex Couples
Kim Jansen
Business and Professional Writing
Professor G. Micevski
September 29, 2011

Adoption Jansen 2
There is an alarming rate of children in need of homes in the United States. This year 423,773 children are in foster care awaiting homes (Child Welfare Information Gateway 2011). With a number so high, why are we discriminating against same-sex couples adopting? Homosexuals are regular people like everyone else. They have dreams of having families and raising children just like everyone else. They shouldn’t be labeled unfit parents due to their ...view middle of the document...

Do you know how high the divorce rate is in the United States? According to the U.S. Census Bureau the divorce rate is almost fifty percent (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2011). Since gay and lesbian couples haven’t had the right to marry in most states, this data is talking heterosexual married couples who have divorced. Studies have also found that the break-up rate for homosexual relationships
Adoption Jansen 3
is close to that of heterosexual couples. There is no big increase in numbers for me to believe that same-sex couples break up more than heterosexual couples. When heterosexual couples do divorce they continue to raise their child the best they can, and with what’s in the best interest of the child. How would this be any different for a homosexual couple who has separated and has a child they love? They would raise their child the best they could, with the child’s best interest at heart.
We need to stop looking at problems in the homosexual parent child relationship that doesn’t exist. Children raised in same-sex households grow up just like other children living in a heterosexual household. Homosexual parents want to raise their children like everyone else. They want to provide love, support, understanding, and instill morals and values. If anything, studies have shown that children in homosexual households are more tolerant of others differences. They are more nurturing and can resolve conflicts more peacefully. There is also no evidence showing that these children suffer more harm, show less intelligence, or have less self-esteem (Jeanie, Davis L. 2002). Sexual orientation has nothing to do with a person’s ability to raise a child. The main focus should be on whether these two people can prove themselves worthy of being fit parents. Can they love, nurture, provide financially for a child? These are the most important factors.
All children deserve a stable home, whether that’s a heterosexual home or a homosexual home. Stability is important to raising a healthy child. The break up rate is nearly the same for both types of couples. Right now children are...

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