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Adn Vs Bsn Essay

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The Advantage of the BSN Degree
Grand Canyon University

The obvious difference between the ADN and BSN is the ADN is a two year associate degree and the BSN is a Baccalaureate degree and usually takes four years to complete.
I believe the most appealing advantage of the ADN program is time it takes to complete. Nurses can get there RN in two years thus enabling them to get a job quicker. It is also the less expensive way to go. The cost of college has raised so much over the last few years. After receiving your ADN and have the ability to get a job then it may be better for some nurses to continue their education at a later time.
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There was a time in my career where I would have liked to contribute to the emergency room educational department. I had been a nurse for several years and thought my experience would be valuable. I was skipped over twice for a less experienced nurse with a BSN degree. There have been many times where I was a preceptor for a student nurse working on her BSN. When asked if I had my BSN it made me a little insecure to admit after all these years I had not gone back to school. Even though I had a very important job as a mother in the crucial years of my children and I took many classes to become a critical care and ED nurse, it still left me a little embarrassed.
I don’t believe my patient care would change if I had a higher degree. I have always tried to follow the Code of Ethics set up the ENA. This is a guide that outlines quality care and ethical obligations of the profession. I do however believe that when speaking to other team members and specialist regarding the disposition, quality and outcome of each patient there would be more trust...

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