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Adn Versus Bsn Essay

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Higher Education In Nurses
Panella Steiner
Grand Canyon University

Higher Education In Nurses
“Unless we are making progress in our nursing every year, every month, every week, take my word for it we are going back.” Florence Nightingale.
Nurses prepared at a baccalaureate degree level are more competent in critical thinking, communication skills and leadership than nurses prepared at an associate degree level. Currently nurses spend the greatest amount of time at the bedside of the patient yet they have the least time spent being educated about the increasingly complex issues their patients face. Ancillary personal, such as social services and physical therapists are required to have ...view middle of the document...

These responsibilities require critical thinking to improve the patient outcomes. They are taught to collectively use their intellectual abilities, views of the patient, and sound judgment. Their decisions are based on nursing research and evidence-based practice. New research has now shown that a higher level of education does leads to a better nursing practice. A study done by Aiken (2003) showed that having more baccalaureate degree nurses on staff lead to better patient outcomes.
A second difference is quality communication skills in a BSN education. Communication is a passing of information from one person to another. Failures in communication continue to be the leading cause of preventable patient injuries and death according to TJC (2005). Communication is as critical to patient safety as having trained, competent staff; unfortunately, many clinicians, including nurses, struggle with this skill. (Creasia & Friberg, 2011, p. 415) Nurses work closely with other professionals like physicians and pharmacist to actively collaborate care. A BSN education prepares nurses for this teamwork by improving and elaborating on communication skills, knowledge and management skills.
A third difference is effective leadership in a BSN education. The function of a leader is to guide people and groups to accomplish common goals (Cherry & Jacob, 2005, p. 360). Nurses play a vital role in leading others. Effective leadership creates healthy work environments that are instrumental to positive patient outcomes. This also includes the patient and family members. The nurse leads the patient and family members in a compassionate collaborative environment, which promotes compliance.
An ADN educated nurse’s decisions and approach to a patient care situation is limited to focus on what tasks need preformed and how to do them. The BSN nurse’s decisions will not only include what and how, but also the why and what is best for the patient. This is using a higher level of critical thinking. Under the scenario of caring for a surgical patient, a BSN nurse will be able to analyze, question and collaborate with the rest of the surgical team, the care needed for a positive outcome. Analysis is based on the individual’s comorbidities, age,...

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